When you hear the word “Bintan”, school camps and beach resorts come to mind and often not very much else. What many people don’t realise, however, is that Bintan is actually home to a whole host of different activities and things to discover if you venture beyond the resorts!

It’s hard to believe beaches so pristine and waters so blue exist a mere 60 min ferry ride away from Singapore, and that 500 life-sized Chinese stone statues exist on an Indonesian island that most of us probably never knew about.Spa

Water Sports

Year-end wind and waves make Bintan ideal for wind surfing. Kayaking, jet ski, banana boat rides and wake-boarding are the favorites and available at water sports centers.


Relax and let a traditional Indonesian massage play on your preasure points to relieve you of your stress and gently ease away the strain in every node of your body.


Challenge the 340-metre high mountain of Gunung Bintan and enjoy breathtaking panoramic views from the summit. Trek through Bintan’s rainforest and see the giant trees which are more than 40 metres tall. Catch at glimpse of rare animals the Silver Leaf monkey, Sun Birds, eagles and many more. Step under the waterfall tho receive a shower of blessings according to local tradition